An Introduction: Wheeler Fitness

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My knees were shaking, my stomach in knots it was finally here, the day I would take my first Wheeler’s Fitness class.  Everyone seemed to be in perfect shape, bounding through the warm up exercises with ease.  I was in the middle of an awkward hamstring stretch that had me looking between my legs at my giant ass in the mirror behind me.  So that is what that looks like. Well, if I had any question of whether I would continue in this class I was staring at my answer, I was sick of walking around with that thing following me everywhere.

I completed the warm up and made it through the entire hour of class without fainting or throwing up, though both threatened several times.

Fast-forward two months to today.  I have worked my way up from the quivering, nervous, self conscious and inflexible person wearing baggy sweat pants and oversized shirts to a quivering (when lifting weights), nervous (that I might miss a class), self conscious (this may always be the case), inflexible (physically not as much) person wearing tight workout clothes with a fitted shirt that still covers the junk in my trunk.

I have never in my life yearned or craved exercise but with my shear determination coupled with the incredible guidance of David Wheeler I am becoming that person.

There was never any reason for me to be nervous or anxious coming into David’s class, he has always been incredibly supportive, encouraging and adaptive, all three very important qualities for me while training. I use to think that because I was so out of shape that I couldn’t participate in classes with people of different fitness levels.  I quickly learned that was not the case and that you should jump in with both feet no matter your fitness level.

It is my intention to ask each trainer that I work with the same set of questions, to get a sense of who they are and their philosophy of training as well as to see how they differ from one another.  I believe there is a lot to learn from these dedicated professionals.  I have listed the Q&A here as well as a link to a summarized version.

Summarized Response to the following questions:

Q. How long have you been training?

A. I have been training clients for a little over 5 years.

Q. What is your fitness philosophy?

A. My training method focuses on movement patterns, as opposed to body parts.  We live life in a three-dimensional world and what we do in the gym needs to parallel this.

Q. Why did you become a strength coach?

A. I worked corporate America for about ten years and hated my job and who I had become. I wanted to make more of positive impact in the world. I played sports, trained and coached all my life so it felt like a natural fit.

Q. How do you customize your program to adapt to different fitness levels?

A. I primarily use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) in combination with a few strength and conditioning assessments to create a baseline. From there, I build a program template customized to each client’s needs.

Q. What do you do in Seattle to stay in shape outside of the gym?

A. I love to SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard). It’s the best workout ever!

Q. What do you do to continue your fitness education?

A. I subscribe to coaching websites and blogs, I buy tons of training books, DVD’s, and Magazines. I go to at least two fitness conferences a year. I visit local gyms on a monthly basis to talk shop with the trainers and share ideas. This year I even hired a world famous trainer (Martin Rooney, creator of Training For Warriors) to be my business coach and mentor.

Q. Do you have a success story you are most proud of?

A. All of my clients, past and present, are very special to me and I am so proud of each and every one of them and it would be way too difficult to choose just one.

Q. What is your favorite workout soundtrack or song?

A. Anything 80’s always gets the crowd moving.

Q. What is your most embarrassing gym moment?

A. Last summer I went out for an early morning paddle and then came straight in to teach a class. I didn’t have time to change out of my surf shorts so I just left them on. I dropped down to the floor to demonstrate an exercise and let’s say they saw more than an exercise that day.

Q. Do you have any specials that you offer your new clients?

A. Absolutely, I offer a new client special for both my semi-private and small group training.

If you live in the Seattle area I would highly encourage you to reach out to David to chat about your training needs.

Wheeler Fitness


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