An Introduction: Sync Fitness

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I remember the moment when I first decided to try a personal training program; one of my closest friends pressured me to try the “6 Week Total Body Transformation” program being offered by Sync Fitness which was created by Sara Dean, a fellow Zag (Gonzaga University Alumni).   I was hesitant to sign up for many reasons, namely I knew that six weeks would be a tiny pebble in the mountain of rocks that would be my weight loss journey.

This six weeks; however, turned out to be a turning point in my view towards personal training and my body’s capabilities.  I was shocked that I survived and lost fifteen pounds, but more importantly I realized that my body and mind could be pushed to the limits I set for it, survive and even succeed.

The classes at Sync Fitness are hard; there are a lot of blood sweat and tears happening, though I might have been the only one crying.  Sara gives her clients the tools to succeed in a lifestyle change, providing guidance with food and nutrition as well as an adaptable exercise program to all people regardless of fitness level.

When the six weeks were over and we were given an opportunity to sign up for Boot Camp classes, I turned to my friend and told her no way in hell could I ever survive a Boot Camp, she just laughed and told me that is what we had been doing for the past six weeks.  What? I had been fooled!

When I left Sync Fitness I half heard Sara warn us about old habits resurfacing and the slippery slope of weight gain. I brushed it off, I had this, no worries!  That was several years ago and several pounds ago. It turns out it is quite the slippery slope, and once again I should have listened to my trainer.

Sara has been a personal trainer in the Seattle area since 2003 and is the owner of both Sync Fitness and Fit Healthy Moms.  She offers a plethora of classes for all sorts of fitness levels.   Sara’s programs are not just for local Seattleites, there are several programs available online, additionally she has loads of interesting and helpful tips on her websites.

Sync 206-354-7480

Fit Healthy Moms.

I asked Sara the trainer questions and her responses are found below. Additionally you will be able to see a summarized version here:

Q. How long have you been training?

A. 10 years! 

Q. What is your fitness philosophy?

A. I believe in giving people hope and quantifiable results.  Most people who come to me are frustrated and unsure of how to get what they want physically (and sometimes emotionally.)  I teach people exactly what to do to get real, lasting results. 

Q. Why did you become a strength coach?

A. I became a trainer after being overweight my entire childhood and youth.  Finding fitness as an adult helped me feel comfortable in my skin for the first time in my life and I wanted to be able to give that same experience to as many other people as possible.

Q. How do you customize your program to adapt to different fitness levels?

A. In our classes and programs, my trainers and I structure workouts in a way that people can work at their own pace.  Additionally, we teach people how to modify moves and ask for help when needed.  There is no shame in being at a different fitness level than the person next to you.  You both SHOWED UP, therefore you’re both awesome.

Q. What do you do in Seattle to stay in shape outside of the gym?

A. Running on sunny days.  It’s such a treat to put away the rain gear and run in the sun in Seattle! 

Q. What do you do to continue your fitness education?

A. I’m a conference freak and a social media junkie.  So I am constantly learning from my colleagues online and at events.  I have a professional network that expands the globe, allowing me to learn from professionals who do an amazing job changing lives.  This is really fun and exciting for me.

Q. Do you have a success story you are most proud of?

A. I have so many clients who have impressed me over the years.  I have many clients who have done things they never thought possible – losing a ton of weight; running 5Ks, half marathons, marathons; climbing mountains; completing 100 days of Boot Camp or simply becoming a regular exerciser.  I think I’m most proud of my clients who change the way they see themselves as a result of what they have achieved in our programs.  It becomes life changing for them and it is amazing to watch.

Q. What is your favorite workout soundtrack or song?

A. Currently – Fun.  And anything from Bootie Mashups (

Q. What is your most embarrassing gym moment?

A. I don’t embarrass in the gym anymore – I have no shame.  But years ago, the first time I got on a step mill (the rotating stair climbing machine, with actual steps) I thought I’d be tough and make it go really fast.  Once I got it going super fast, I couldn’t reach the buttons to make it stop or slow.  So, I to yell for help and have someone else stop it for me.  It was not pretty or graceful.

Q. Do you have any specials that you offer your new clients?

A. I offer all prospective clients a complimentary trial class.  But more, importantly, we offer all clients, new and old, a comfortable place to come push yourself.  We want folks of all abilities to feel welcome and able to work to the best of their abilities that day.

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