An Introduction: Jason Balajadia

Jason B CollageJason Balajadia/Jason & Sarah after a strenuous workout :)

Preparing to hit the road and blog about my food and fitness challenges couldn’t be done cold turkey.  When a good friend asked me if I would join her in a workout with her trainer my immediate answer was yes, of course, this is what the next few months of my life will need to look like, let’s do this! The confidence I spoke with was in direct conflict to the growing anxiety in my stomach. While I felt confident that I could step up to the challenge I was nervous about working out with someone I didn’t know.  Would he be nice? Would he be open minded and not judge me? Would he accommodate my injuries? The answer to all of those was a resounding YES!

I met Jason and my friend Patti at Bassline Fitness in Kirkland, WA (  He was incredibly friendly and interested in my upcoming trip.  I gave him a quick run down on my hopes and dreams for Losing Weight Off the Interstate and when he replied with enthusiasm and support I felt at ease.

Prior to beginning the warmup Jason took a few moments to chat with me about any issues or injuries that I had. I sadly was dealing with both an ankle and knee issue and he took that into consideration when creating our workout.  There were a lot of similar elements to the workout with Jason and the workouts I had been doing with David Wheeler, at one moment I was even teased for showing off by how I lifted a sand bag into my arms.

During this workout I felt the sweat on my forehead but more importantly I felt pride knowing that I was up for the challenges that would be presented in the upcoming months.

Thank you Jason for taking the time to workout with me and for the support you showed!

Jason Balajadia –

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