A supplement to my journey – Thorne Research

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A good friend from high school pulled some strings and set me up with a facility tour and informational interview at Throne Research located in Sandpoint, ID.  The drive from my Father’s house in Coeur d’ Alene, ID was gorgeous and after some failed attempts at finding the facility I pulled into visitor parking.

Thorne Research manufactures highly quality supplements at this location.  They work directly with health care professionals and nutritionists to bring their products to consumers ensuring that there is no loss of integrity to their product.  I met with the Vice President of Operations, David Nielson who gave me a brief history lesson on the company as well as an extensive tour of the facilities.  I even found myself in a white lab coat, lab booties and a hair net, thankfully no beard cover was necessary even though it has been weeks since I have had my lip waxed. This behind the scenes tour showed me how they manufacture the bulk of their products from the Quarantine process in Shipping and Receiving to the quality control of the packaging and labeling.  It was quite interesting!

After our tour of the facility was complete I met with Alan Miller, ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) who is the Executive Director of Medical Affairs.  We had a few extra moments to chat and I was able to ask him some questions I had about protein powders.  I learned that the protein powder I am using in my breakfast smoothie is a good one (yay for me!).  Additionally, I learned a lot about supplements that I had never known before.

The mission statement of Thorne Research reads:

“At Thorne Research, our mission is to enhance the health and well-being of people by providing superior dietary supplements that have the highest level of quality and purity – thereby creating the most respected and valued company in the dietary supplement industry.”

Thorne’s products are housed in capsules as opposed to being made in tablet form as it keeps the purity of the ingredients.  It makes sense but I had no idea that when I was consuming a tablet pill that additives were included to aid in the binding of the medicine/supplement.  One of the major components added to many drugs and supplements is Magnesium Stearate whose only benefit is to aid the manufacturing process, it is known as a “flow agent” providing lubrication to make packaging easier.  There has not been substantial testing on this product but it is believed to also prevent the proper absorption of the nutrients contained in the pill.

As with everything else these days, I am going to be turning a discerning eye at the supplements I ingest to ensure  that I am not doing more harm than good.

You should take a look at their website and see the various products they supply, oh and for you animal lovers out there they have the same level of quality and purity standards for their veterinarian line!


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