The Road is Long.

I knew this trip was going to be challenging; leaving the comforts of home and the scheduled workouts to go solo is something I have never excelled at doing.  When I left Seattle I was averaging five workouts a day week and on the road I am averaging three.  I keep telling myself I need to get into a groove but I need to ensure that it doesn’t take six months to see “How Sarah Got Her Groove Back”.

One of my biggest obstacles is also one of my favorite personal characteristics, I am social.  I hate missing out on a party and let’s be honest these first two weeks have been a bit of a celebration.  I am experiencing a freedom that I haven’t had in years, no one dictating my schedule and absolutely no routine.  I have had the opportunity to meet up with friends in Missoula, Livingston, Red Lodge, Lethbridge, Canmore, Calgary and Whitefish.  These people all have played a great importance in my life and most I hadn’t seen in years, I needed to and wanted to reconnect.

I don’t regret a moment that I have spent these past few weeks.  I have been reveling in the experiences that I have encountered while trying to find a balance with healthy eating, working out and blogging.  This journey is nothing without the experiences, but it is just embarrassing without the fitness and healthy eating.  I vow not to change the name of my blog to “Gaining Weight Off the Interstate”.

Now, that I have been honest and told you that I am slacking a bit and struggling to find my footing it is only fair that I share in some of my successes as well.  Since I started working out regularly in preparation for this trip I am down about 25 pounds.  I wish it were more, I wish it happened quicker but I am committed to a slow and steady weight loss.

The other struggle I have been having is the cadence of my experiences vs my blogging.  Currently I am backlogged in the blog arena, I have about a week and a half delay.  I am finding it difficult to continue experiencing these experiences while trying to carve time to write.  Again, I need to find my balance.

I have some great posts coming up and I want to thank you all for sharing in this journey with me, without you all it would be a long and lonely road ahead.

Below are the few pictures I have of myself, some with friends, some solo. I will be better at taking and posting pictures of myself.

Sarah Update 1 Sarah Top of Mt Sarah & Karri Sarah & Barb

4 thoughts on “The Road is Long.

  1. Go, Sarah, go! You’re doing great! Keep having fun. It’s hard for EVERYONE to balance being social and being healthy. :)

  2. You are doing a great thing, not just for your body, but for you mind & soul. You have support everywhere you go. Just don’t be too hard on yourself, be you! Big hugs and warm thoughts!

  3. Twenty five pounds is AWESOME!! Don’t sell yourself short, that’s a big accomplishment in itself. Keep up the good work!

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