Color Me Happy in Calgary!

I have been lured by the idea of getting to Calgary for the past decade (I can’t believe I can say decade, time sure does fly), partially drawn to the Calgary Stampede but more importantly I wanted to get up there to see my good friends Darren and Colleen and finally meet their daughter Ava.  It had been over twelve years since I had seen them and I could hardly stand the thought of any additional time passing.  I rang the doorbell and glanced through the window beside the door (creepy, aren’t I?) and I about started jumping with excitement when I saw them heading towards me! They popped open the door and it was if no time had passed, we immediately hugged one other and I knew that I was home, at least for the weekend.

Warning, there are a few things that happened during this trip to Calgary that aren’t really meant to be talked about on this blog, but I am trying to keep things honest so I will admit that we pretty much decimated their wine rack.  I won’t drop a specific number of bottles consumed but we heartily celebrated our reunion, all three nights of my stay.

On my first day there they took me on a tour of Calgary and the surrounding area, they were the perfect tour guides.  It was a great introduction to the city.  We made one stop at the Dollar Store, which, believe me nothing was a dollar, to gear up for a Color Me Rad run later that afternoon.  Colleen had graciously bowed out of the run to make room for me.

We got home and got changed for the race which was going to take place fairly close to their house at the Canada Olympic Park.  I was excited to see the park up close and personal, I just had no idea how up close I was going to get.  To alleviate traffic issues Darren had Colleen drop us at the backside of the park, and we were simply to walk down the other side and to the Color Run.  What we didn’t realize was that this hill was now crisscrossed by a Luge track that had people careening down the mountain on small coasters.  We had to cross this track several times before we finally made it to the base of the hill and our destination.  Honestly, because of the treacherous climb down to the race by the time we were lined up to run the 5k I was ready to be done.   Some ran, and I walked the race and by the finish line there was not an ounce of us that wasn’t some shade of pink, purple or green. I am still finding random bits of color in my suitcase.

When we arrived back home we all decided to hang outside while each of us took turns trying to wash the color from our bodies.  While we were all sitting outside suddenly Darren threw a blanket to me, it turns out that the weather is a lot cooler up in Calgary and I had no idea that I was even cold until he started bringing out more blankets and a parka to warm the foreigner.  He told me that my pattern of behavior when I get cold is to stop communicating and just sit there listening, this is the first time in my life that anyone has purposefully done something to help facilitate my talking, typically they sit there silently wishing I would stop talking! Ah good friends indeed!

I left after three wonderful evenings, a good discussion with Darren about how long is too long to stay at a friends house and loads of love.  I can’t wait to reconnect with them again soon!

Color Me Rad

Color Me Rad Entourage

Color SJM

I wanna be a cowgirl….

Calgary Hike

The super secret entrance that only we knew about into the Color run.

The Olympic Tower.

The Olympic Tower.

Calgary City Art "Wonderland" Jaume Plensa

Calgary City Art “Wonderland” Jaume Plensa

Calgary Art & Calgary Tower

Calgary Art & Calgary Tower

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