An Introduction to Jackson Hole Foodie

Jackson Hole foodieWhen I spoke with Stacy Fisher of Fisher Fitness I asked her if she knew anyone in Jackson who specialized in local food.  She immediately set me up with Annie Fenn, a retired OBGYN from Jackson who currently spends her time focusing on her loves; family, food and photography.

Annie writes for her own blog,  Jackson Hole Foodie where she covers the growing, foraging and cooking of food. She is doing a lot of amazing things with her writing, in addition to her own blog she also writes feature articles for Teton Family Magazine, her current online column is 5:00 in the Tetons, a guide to inspired drinks, both with and without alcohol (pick your poison!).  She also created a column titled In The Kitchen  for the print magazine Teton Home and Living where she pares her adventures with creative seasonal menus.

One of the topics that I find most interesting is her Loving Your Lunchbox column on  She provides great menus for various lunches to even include a tasty traveling menu idea, something that totally piqued my interest.

A complete list of her published works can be found at the following link on her website,

You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram @ jacksonholefoodie.

Annie graciously took the time to answer the following questions for me:

Q. If you were going on a road trip what would you pack in your cooler?

A. I get sleepy when I drive long distances, so I always keep bottles of ice tea (black) in case I need a caffeine boost!  But mostly I pack lots of water, some sparkling water, and snacks I can eat without too much mess–black seedless grapes, whole wheat crackers and hummus, strawberries, blueberries, etc.  If I have time before I leave, I’ll bring a jar of homemade watermelon juice with mint and a squeeze of lime–it is really refreshing and just sweet enough to conquer a sweet craving.  If I am going through a town with a Whole Foods Market, I always grab a box of sushi and fresh salad rolls for an on-the-road lunch.

Q. What is your favorite quick healthy snack?

A. My favorite snack is a crisp apple, sliced into wedges and dipped in almond butter.  In fact, I eat this in the car almost every day when I drive my kids to the school bus or around town after school.

Q. What is your favorite healthy recipe?

A. My Nutter Butter Smoothie is fast and really satisfying.  1 frozen banana + 1/2 cup almond butter + 2 pitted dates + almond milk to cover. Whir in the blender.  I make lots of variations on this recipe for my family–my teenagers add cinnamon and honey, I sometimes skip the dates to make it less caloric–and we make it all the time as a pre- or post-workout snack, or for breakfast on the run.

Q. Do you have a favorite season for cooking?

A. Fall is my favorite time to cook. Our summers in Jackson Hole are short, so we spend as much time outside as we can.  When the weather starts to turn colder, I love spending chilly afternoons in the kitchen, baking oatmeal cookies and huge batches of granola, turning wild game that my husband hunts into curries and stews, and cooking Italian food. My favorite fall meal would started with a green salad with toasted pecans and cubes of butternut squash tossed in a maple balsamic vinaigrette, followed by an Italian porcini pot roast made from a bison or venison roast, with polenta and a side of braised Swiss chard. For dessert, I’d make an olive oil cake with almond flour, lemon, and orange rind.

Annie Jackson Hole Foodie

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