I Lyle Lovett Park City

SJM Lyle

If you looked at the map on my website you probably realize that I made a pretty severe detour.  I was originally set to go through South Dakota but when I learned that I would be in the State with thousands of motorcyclists I decided to alter my route.  This decision was made easier when I was able to stay at the Wildfin Fishing Lodge and realized that I had several people that I could see in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado.

I had never been to Park City Utah but had heard wonderful things about it and was excited to catch up with several friends I had not seen in ages.  As I drove into town I was in awe of the landscape and the mountains, such beauty.  Though I haven’t skied much in my adult life I used to ski the majority of winters in my childhood and these mountains had me itching for snow and a hot toddy. The closest thing I would get to the frigid mountain air was the blasting air conditioning in my car as it was in the 90s and hot!

My first full day in town had me walking around Main Street, visiting my cousin Hope who works at an amazing interior design store called Root’d.  I then headed up the mountain for an attempted hike at the Deer Valley Resort, when I got to the resort to purchase my lift ticket up the mountain for my hike down they had just closed the lift due to lightening.  I was determined to get a workout in so I headed back to my hotel, Canyons Resort to work out in their onsite gym.

That evening I was supposed to meet up with my friend Kris to watch the Seahawks game, however, earlier in the morning he texted me to see if I was interested in going to the Lyle Lovett concert that evening which was hosted by the St. Regis Hotel where he worked.  He had helped Lyle earlier in the day and Lyle asked him if he was interested in attending the show! There was absolutely no debate on my end, I love Lyle Lovett’s music and I am a sucker for a live outdoor show!

When we got our tickets there was a fancy sticker tucked in with them and I was dying to know what this meant, it turns out it was access to meet with Lyle after the show.  We were escorted into a private room with about 15 other people and waited as Lyle chatted and took pictures with people.  He approached us and asked us what we were waiting for and was surprised when we said we were waiting for him.  We chatted for a bit, him teasing Hope who kept slapping his arm by saying “I don’t know why you keep striking me but I think I like it” and we ended our meeting with me sending him to the tour bus with a bag of food filled with smoked salmon and grapes which he thanked me for via text to Kris the next morning.  Such a nice man!

I couldn’t have asked for a better Park City weekend, the scenery was amazing, the music and company even better.  I hope I have another opportunity to visit again soon!

Fancy after party pass!

Fancy after party pass!

2013-08-17 13.31.11

Waiting with Kris for the show to start.

Waiting with Kris for the show to start.

Happy Hope!

Happy Hope!

2013-08-17 20.18.29-2

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