A trip to the hospital to meet Chef Jason Kieffer

Chef Jason 1When I was in Park City I asked my cousin Hope if she had any good suggestions on healthy restaurants.  She reported back to me that oddly one of the best healthy chefs in town, Executive Chef Jason Kieffer, was located at the local hospital, Intermountain Healthcare’s Park City Medical Center.  I feel like the food typically is so bad at hospitals that there are jokes made about it, personally I have had plenty of bad food from hospital cafeterias.

I knew that I needed to make time to head out to the hospital before leaving town to try some of this food. When we arrived at the hospital for lunch on Sunday I did not expect to see Chef Jason but he stood behind the counter doing what he does best….cooking. I approached the counter and introduced myself, having already set the stage to what I was doing through a Facebook message.  He immediately shook my hand and eagerly chatted with me about his love of cooking, the path he took to get to where he is now as well as some exciting things he is doing outside of the hospital.

I was very hungry and incredibly excited to try this food so I placed my order.  I had the Southwest Turkey Burger Wrap which was 390 calories and only $6.00! The wrap was outstanding, the meat full of flavor and the vegetables were crisp.  If I lived in the area I would definitely be back to try other items on the menu as well as revisit the lunch I had just devoured.

Chef Jason is not only responsible for the food program in Park City he manages 26 other locations within Intermountain Healthcare. In addition to his work for the hospital Jason created “Blended Beets” which started as a way to encourage school age children to move and eat healthy, at these events he mixes music and nutritious smoothies for his guests.  In late September he will also be participating in The 5th Annual Summit Wine and Food Festival in New Jersey as a guest chef.

You can connect with Chef Jason via his website and Facebook:

http://www.chefjasonkieffer.com / https://www.facebook.com/pages/CHEF-JASON-KIEFFER

Chef Jason’S Bio: From coast to coast, Chef Jason Kieffer has pleased the palates from super models to athletic legends. His resume includes Executive Chef at Google, Vegetarian Executive Chef at Microsoft World Headquarters, and Private Chef to a billionaire. He wasn’t too far into his career when Chef Kieffer realized that there was so much more to food and health and soon began a journey towards a naturopathic approach to cooking. Chef Jason is a student of the acclaimed Culinary Institute of America and disciple of Ayurveda and naturopathic traditions and enjoys sharing his love and knowledge of food with the LiVe Well Center clients.

Chef Jason 2

Silver Creek Lunch

Silver King Cafe

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