Denver Snack Attack: The Crock Spot

Crock Spot

In a glorious turn of events some of my good friends happened to be in Denver the same weekend as me! They were in town for a wedding but also had plans to attend the Snack Attack Food Truck Challenge. Their friends who were originally from Sandpoint, ID owned and operated The Crock Spot which serves healthy and if I am to be the judge, very tasty cuisine.

The Owners, Stephen and Mandy spent eight months perfecting their fare using meats slow roasted in crock pots and mixed with various grains and sauces.  They launched their business first at Colorado Fresh Markets in 2010 and by 2011 they were mobile delivering their food all across the Denver area.  They rose to the top of the “food truck chain” when they were awarded the Editors Choice for the Best Food Truck by Denver’s 5280 Magazine as well as chosen by The Food Truck Network as America’s Favorite Food Truck.

I approached the counter and placed my order which consisted of a scoop of pearled barley, jalapeno shredded beef, chimichurri sauce and a hit of sriracha sour cream all served atop one another in a bowl.  I have never been a fan of traditional crock pot fare but my wariness disappeared after the first bite. The combination of flavors were amazing, the meat was tender and the grain filling.  This meal was a far cry from the traditional meat and potatoes I had tasted from other crock pots in my past.

In addition to the amazing food, the staff provides a fun and engaging experience. I loitered in front of the truck for quite some time before I finally took the hint and hit the road, kidding, they were so kind they would have let me stay all day which I considered or at least until dinnertime.

If you are in the Denver area follow them on Facebook to see where you can hunt them down around town, your taste buds will thank you!

2013-08-24 12.03.13

Owners, Mandy & Stephen Image taken from

Owners, Mandy & Stephen
Image taken from

2013-08-24 12.18.42

Crock Spot Dying for Food

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