Meet in the Middle

Em & Sarah 4Wheeling

My friend Emily had suggested that I drop down to Indianapolis to check out her stomping grounds. It was appealing, a free place to stay but something was lacking….her. I about did a back flip when she called to tell me that her schedule was such that she could meet me and play my personal tour guide!

I picked her up at the airport, squealing with excitement upon seeing her and jumped out for a hug. There is something special about Emily. We were essentially set up on a blind friend date five years ago, her being the sister-in-law to one of my good friends who lived in New York. She was new to town, I was a girl about town so it was a perfect match. We hit it off immediately and proceeded to be the best of friends, our bond so strong it even survived her leaving me and Seattle for NYC.

I was so excited to see where she grew up and check out some of her favorite places (turns out Walmart is a favorite for people watching) and most of all hang out with a good friend. When we were walking the aisles in Walmart we decided that we needed a challenge. We each were to buy the other the most ridiculous thing for under ten dollars. I was pretty sure I had a winner with a black t-shirt with a large lion wearing a bow tie and glasses that said “If I said I wasn’t a nerd I would be lion” but Emily was victorious in her horribly placed horizontal striped tank top, hair scrunchies (they still make those, and I am considering bringing them back) and mesh hot pink gloves. This outfit was meant to be used for “Emily’s Bootcamp”, being the supportive friend she had “planned” a workout for us however the outfit ended up being used instead for a late night dance party and pottery throwing evening.

The time flew by fast and before we knew it goodbyes were being said. We each took a mesh glove Parent Trap style with plans to reunite them when I get to New York.

I wish I could take you through “Emily’s Bootcamp” however we ran out of time and decided instead to take a nice hike. I am better for having been to Indianapolis and Martinsville, Indiana, I am not skinnier, just better.

Complete with borrow glasses to complete the nerd look.

She thought she needed to borrow glasses to complete the nerd look. lol

Side pony pottery throwing.

Pottery throwing got a bit complicated.

2 thoughts on “Meet in the Middle

  1. Ah, Indianapolis, my home away from home. Love that city. Looks like you are having a great time. I especially love your Wal-Mart excursion. Still inspired by you and your travels. Like this morning, cold and rainy and don’t feel like going to the gym but then I say WWSD?

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