An Introduction: Julie Wilson: South Lake Union Therapy

Julie Wilson South Lake Union TherapyI have never been to a therapist. I am sure many of you are reading this and thinking, aha, that is what’s wrong with her! I just have never felt the need to seek therapy, though in reality I think it is probably good for everyone. The thought of telling a complete stranger my deepest feelings and having them analyze me has never been appealing. Lucky for me, my good friend Julie Wilson just completed her masters of arts in psychotherapy from Seattle University. We chatted before I departed and she suggested that while she couldn’t act as my therapist officially that it might be helpful to have her on my team to aide me through some of the things that pop up on this journey. The funny thing about Julie not being my therapist is I feel like she already has been for the past few years, I mean aren’t most of our friends like therapists?

Anyway, I think that it is always helpful to have someone you can bounce ideas off of and I would be happy to have a weekly scheduled call with a friend. We video chatted for the first time last week and she already has made some interesting observations. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my behaviors; why they exist and what they mean. Julie told me that some of my current behaviors are in conflict with one another. On one hand, I am most comfortable when I am in control of a situation, I like being in control, but I am not controlling. Interesting, and I can agree with this observation. The conflict comes when I quit my job, hop in a car and drive across country, stopping here and there, staying in people’s homes and not knowing what my next day is going to bring. I essentially have given up control for this trip. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know if I will find out and I definitely don’t know if I will ever share with you if I do find out.

I can’t tell you how much I will be sharing of these self discoveries, it will most likely be pretty private but I am open to share when I can and I am super excited to add Julie to my supportive team.

Julie is just building her practice, South Lake Union Therapy, and will be offering both individual and group therapy sessions. Check out her website, her small group offerings and like her on Facebook. Do it now! Oh wait, I guess I am controlling.

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