I Am Not Alone

I like to think that I am a bright lady but I recently proved myself wrong. I was in Montreal, Quebec and had a list of hot spots for dinner tucked into my pocket from my Airbnb host. I enjoyed a nice dinner, having made a smart choice of a Quinoa salad over the hamburger that was begging to be ordered. I had met a local who took me under his wing and invited me to a bar a couple of doors down to meet up with a group of his friends. It was fun to hang with the locals, tossing out my tourist hat for an hour or two.

I looked down at my phone to see that it was getting late and I also noticed that my cell phone was low on battery power. One of my new friends grabbed the phone out of my hands to pull up a map to show me where he was opening a kayak tour business. Interested, I looked over his shoulder as he gave me some history on the area. It didn’t take but a few minutes for my phone to turn itself off having died. My heart leapt. I was in an unfamiliar area and did not have the address to where I was staying. Dumb, dumb me. Understanding the situation I quickly said my goodbyes and headed to find my home for the evening, tracing my steps back and wishing I would have dropped some bread crumbs.

I walked for about ten minutes and nothing was looking familiar. I was starting to panic. I spied a taxi driver parked on the corner and I approached him to see if I could describe the park that was across the street from my place. He spoke mostly French but understood that my phone died. He was holding his flip phone circa 2008 and said he had a charger. I tried to explain to him that chargers were specific yet he was so eager to help he just kept looking in his car for a charger. We chatted for about five minutes, and with each passing minute I started panicking more. He wasn’t eager to drive me around while I looked, not wanting to waste my money.

I was gripping my dead dark phone in my hand when all of a sudden it turned itself back on giving me the five seconds I needed to get the address before it powered itself off again. Now I don’t know about you but the iPhone has never behaved for me this way. My taxi friend smiled as I told him the address and let me know I was just two blocks away. I thanked him and ran home, literally.

Everyone has their own beliefs on why things happen but I believe someone was looking out for me. As I lay down to go to sleep I couldn’t help but think of my Mom. I don’t know how or why my phone turned back on but in my heart I felt like my Mom was watching out for me. Makes sense, she was an angel to me when she lived it isn’t too far from the truth to think she is still my angel.

My angel still flies with me

My angel still flies with me

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