DMF – Dance Motivation Fitness


I am starting to wonder if people have been lying to me my whole life. I have been told on many a wedding dance floor that I am a really good dancer. True, there usually was copious amounts of alcohol flooding these compliments but somehow I still believed them.

I seriously had to question my ability to dance when I took a class at DMF, Dance Motivation Fitness. Created by Lindi Duesenberg, this class inspires and empowers you while making you sweat. Each song that plays has its own choreographed dance moves which to the average person are pretty easy to follow. I apparently am best when doing dance moves such as “starting the lawnmower” and “grocery shopping”, if you don’t know these moves let me know. What I wasn’t questioning was the fact that DMF is a good and more importantly FUN workout.

Lindi, who is originally from Seattle, keeps everyone going with her energetic personality and her motivational quips. It is often hard to remember why you are doing something while engaging in a move called “the booty pop” and looking at your red face and fuzzy hair in the studio mirror, but Lindi reminds you to be the best you can be and to push yourself in a non cheesy and empowering way.

In addition to her growing dance class business Lindi also likes to give back. She is currently working on starting a non-profit which will bring DMF into local schools, empowering kids through dance and discussions around life skills and education. Additionally, she hosts a dance class quarterly where all the proceeds go to a chosen charity. This Thursday she is hoping to raise money for The Young Women’s Leadership Network Schools.

I had mentioned in a previous post that I had stopped smiling on the streets of NYC, when Lindi reached out to invite me to class she told me that I needed to ignore what people had told me and to continue smiling. I can tell you, without a doubt that I was smiling the entire dance class. Smiling because I knew I was off dancing beat, smiling because I didn’t care and more importantly smiling because I was having fun.

Below you can see a video of one of her classes.

Lindi DMF

Creator of DMF, Lindi Duesenberg

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