Refine Method

Refine Method 1

Two tough HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts in two days were a common thing for me prior to leaving Seattle, now, not so much. I dragged my aching body to Refine Method in New York’s Upper East Side on a Monday, walking tall having successfully survived the class at Exceed the day prior.

This studio was very small and the staff knew everyone and when I walked in they welcomed me by name. My instructor, Pam Leary, was very friendly and enthusiastic about my journey.

A few minutes into the warm-up it was evident that I wasn’t working at full capacity. I knew I was tired from the previous day’s workout but this type of fatigue was unusual, then it hit me, I hadn’t eaten since my breakfast smoothie. Rookie mistake! I don’t know if it was because of my lack of nutrients or if the class was just hard but this was the toughest workout I had done in a long time. The workout consisted of a combination of full body cardio such as jump squats to strength training with kettle bells and suspension straps. I was so weak and tired that I wasn’t even able to add any weight to my workout, I just worked out against my own body weight which at the time felt like a million pounds.

The other people in the class seemed to be moving through the workout with ease, my experience was more of a breathy wheeze. I was so off my game it was a bit embarrassing, which is a common feeling for me on this trip so I felt right at home. There were a handful of times throughout the workout when I seriously considered leaving, I was long out of water and light headed. I am proud to say that I stuck it out and finished the class. As I left the studio it was quite clear to me that I have some refining to do to my fitness method.

Refine Method 6

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