Superbowl Weekend – NYC Baby!

I was able to finally get out of New Orleans just in time to meet up with some friends in New York for Super Bowl weekend. I had such an amazing time in Seattle amongst the Seahawks buzz that I wanted to experience it with some of my friends who are the biggest fans. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go to the game, I didn’t have an extra $2500 for a ticket but to be there before and after the big win was spectacular!

The days were spent walking amongst the chaos of Times Square and its blocks upon blocks of Super Bowl activities. These blocks were close to a living hell for me with people stacked liked dominoes. It took us what seemed like an hour to walk one block and I came as close as possible to a panic attack that I have in my entire life. Thankfully, we had seen enough and I was able to escape the madness.

While the crowds were too much for my taste the amount of Seahawks fans within these crowds were amazing! Everywhere you looked there was a 12th Man donning a jersey. We ended up at various pubs in the evenings packed with Seahawks fans, everywhere we went there they were!

In addition to spending time with other Hawk fans and friends I also got some more time in New York City. I was able to spend time with my local friends as well as revisit some of my favorite spots.

A weekend filled with good friends in an amazing city topped off with a Seahawks Super Bowl win really can’t be topped, though I will try.

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SB 2

SB 1

SB 3

Big Easy

The freedom to extend my time in certain locales has been a high point on this trip. Spending a little under two months in New York City was an experience of a lifetime, spending over a month with my family and friends in the Pacific Northwest was vital to my soul, however, all of these delays severely changed my driving itinerary. I had made plans to meet up with some friends in New Orleans and had anticipated being there via the open road. I instead flew from Seattle straight to New Orleans, abandoning my car for another week or so.

I was able to lend a hand at a conference for my old company and pick up a few extra dollars which is proving to be quite necessary, it is amazing how quickly one can spend money that took so long to save! After a few days of work my good friend from New York, Emily, flew in to spend the weekend with me. Our days were spent playing tourist, eating, drinking, listening to live street music, eating, drinking, walking around the French Quarter, eating and drinking, taking the street car to the Garden District, eating and drinking, hanging out on Frenchman Street and, you guessed it eating and drinking.

So as you can see from the vacation descriptor above, I severely fell off the “Losing Weight Off the Interstate” wagon. My mouth was stuffed with muffuletta sandwiches from Central Grocery, beignets from Cafe du Monde, Catfish Po Boys from some local joint, countless beers, vodka sodas and one very large sugary daiquiri.

While I didn’t mind my healthy living Ps and Qs I did have an incredible time. At the top of my list was dinner at Commander’s Palace. My Dad told me that he and my Mom had a very special dinner there and that it was her favorite restaurant in New Orleans. He asked that I make a reservation there and allow him to treat us to dinner.  No argument there! Emily and I were joined by our friend Dan who is in the throes of culinary school and was in New Orleans for his first time, he couldn’t have asked for a better first meal. We had an amazing dinner which was finished off with a toast to my sweet Mother of Baileys over ice, the only alcoholic drink she would ever consume.

We ended up getting caught in a New Orleans style storm which had us bundled up and slipping on small patches of iced over beer puddles in the French Quarter. The city and the airport shut down and held us hostage for two additional days while they waited for the “storm” to pass.

2014-01-30 16.20.15

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Cheers to the greatest Mom there ever was!

Cheers to the greatest Mom there ever was!

An Extended Trip Home

I had the pleasure of spending the holidays with my family in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho followed by what was meant to be a week and a half in Seattle. My days in Seattle were spent reconnecting with friends and before I realized it my week turned into a month.

I was a bit nervous to be back home in Seattle. I left on this amazing journey to blog under “Losing Weight Off the Interstate” and what if no one saw my accomplishments? What if they thought it should be more? You have all read this in past blogs, it was a true concern of mine. It was silly of me to be nervous, regardless of my body size and my weight accomplishments I have done something pretty amazing for myself and I am proud of where I have been and what I have done. I am sorry I doubted myself and my friends. I really should give us all more credit. Every single person who I encountered was loving and supportive.

While the trip home was good for my soul it was not good for my weight loss journey. I carried my workout clothes around with me and pushed them aside to find clothes to meet my friends out for coffee, lunches, happy hours and dinners. My heart and stomach were full the entire time, my workout log was quite empty. I was without a car so I did continue my new NYC habit of walking a lot which helped some.

I have zero regrets for having extended my trip, I was able to reconnect with my city, my friends and even got to be a part of the amazing 12th Man by going to a Playoff game and celebrating the victory of winning the NFC Championship in the streets of Seattle.

I took a lot of “selfies” on this leg of my journey, sadly I didn’t capture a lot of my friends but here are a handful.

2014-02-12 22.45.23

2014-02-12 22.46.33

2014-02-12 22.38.43

2014-02-12 22.58.12

Face Grace

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 5.14.28 PM

Sadly, I don’t have many people or companies throwing products and services my way to review but while I was home in Seattle one of my favorite estheticians treated me to an amazing facial.  Grace Face and Body is solely owned by Hari-Prakash and has been in my Seattle repertoire for several years now. Her facials are just steps away from heaven, an hour of bliss filled with facial cleansing, toning, massage, masks as well as shoulder, arm and foot massage. I am drooling as I type this.

In addition to the wonderful services provided Hari-Prakash is a wonderful, warm and compassionate person. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her as a person and am happy to count her as one of my friends. I walked away from her spa glowing, from rejuvenated skin and a pampered soul.

If you are in the market for a fresh face give her a call (206-307-6952) or book online.