Superbowl Weekend – NYC Baby!

I was able to finally get out of New Orleans just in time to meet up with some friends in New York for Super Bowl weekend. I had such an amazing time in Seattle amongst the Seahawks buzz that I wanted to experience it with some of my friends who are the biggest fans. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go to the game, I didn’t have an extra $2500 for a ticket but to be there before and after the big win was spectacular!

The days were spent walking amongst the chaos of Times Square and its blocks upon blocks of Super Bowl activities. These blocks were close to a living hell for me with people stacked liked dominoes. It took us what seemed like an hour to walk one block and I came as close as possible to a panic attack that I have in my entire life. Thankfully, we had seen enough and I was able to escape the madness.

While the crowds were too much for my taste the amount of Seahawks fans within these crowds were amazing! Everywhere you looked there was a 12th Man donning a jersey. We ended up at various pubs in the evenings packed with Seahawks fans, everywhere we went there they were!

In addition to spending time with other Hawk fans and friends I also got some more time in New York City. I was able to spend time with my local friends as well as revisit some of my favorite spots.

A weekend filled with good friends in an amazing city topped off with a Seahawks Super Bowl win really can’t be topped, though I will try.

2014-02-01 23.07.34

SB 2

SB 1

SB 3

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