Local Appetite

The sole reason that I came to LA (Lower Alabama) was due to the fact that I have family here. I have spent plenty of time in this area, and it holds many great memories for me. I have been struggling getting back onto the Losing Weight Off the Interstate so I was ecstatic when my cousin Hope told me that her brother, Karl Brantley owned a farm along with his business partner Will Mastin that catered to the locals.  I took a trip out to Local Appetite to check out their farm firsthand. It was a quick drive, within twenty minutes we were pulling up to the greenhouses where fresh Kale and tomatoes were growing along with plenty other items.

Will and Karl greeted us along with their two dogs, they really just kept calling them both “dog” which I found incredibly endearing. They gave us a quick history of how they came to be, both having experience in the landscaping business and Karl having a family history of agriculture and produce in the area. They toured us about and showed us their planting system which I thought was quite ingenious, using gutters with irrigation to feed the plants as they grow.

Local Appetite is hoping to fill a niche in Baldwin county and eventually the city of Mobile in locally grown fruits and vegetables. They currently are focusing on the restaurant business as opposed to straight to the consumer as they believe they are able to foster and develop these relationships and currently their production is small enough that they are not finding a lot of extra product on hand to sell to the general public.

It was inspirational to see two men doing what they were passionate about while creating something that was good and healthy for their community.

Will Mastin (left) & Karl Brantley (right)

Will Mastin (left) & Karl Brantley (right)Local Appetite Local Appetite - Greens Local Appetite - Kale Local Appetite Bagged Lettuce Local Appetite Greenhouse Local Appetite Growing Local Appetite Planting Local Appetite Toms Local Appetite Toms 1 Local Greens - Greenhouse greens

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