Playing Catchup! Part One – Nashville & North Carolina

I have been quite behind, I wrote this shortly after leaving Nashville, ahem…over a month ago. Please forgive my tardiness.

I spent a wonderful extended weekend in Nashville with my friend Matt followed by a few days in neighboring Franklin, TN with my cousin Peter his wife Margaret and their kids Olivia, Amelia and Henry.

I was set to meet another friend the following week in Memphis so I headed back East to see friends in North Carolina and Georgia. My first stop was to see David Chatt, an artist and friend who is calling Penland School of Crafts home. It is a small school that hosts students and resident artists on a beautiful campus in North Carolina. David co-owned the “Big House” in Ballard where I lived and threw plenty of amazing parties that are still fondly remembered to this day. David’s influence on the living space at the Big House was one of the reasons I decided to trade in my one bedroom condo downtown for a communal living experience in Ballard. A fine artist creating miracles in small beads, the home was dripping with his artistic personality.

It had been several years since I had seen David and I was excited to catch up with him, there were bits and pieces of the Big House scattered through out his new home, it was like visiting a house full of old friends. There is something special about being surrounded by art and artists, it is inspirational and creates hope, wonder and excitement about my own artistic possibilities. We met David’s friend Anne Lemanski at a local Mexican restaurant where I continued to be inspired, her art was equally inspirational to me.

I couldn’t stay long in Penland so I said my goodbyes the next morning and headed to my friends, Steve & Karen Mason and their daughter Sophie in Charlotte North Carolina where I stayed several nights before heading South to Atlanta. It was another chance to reconnect with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile and to relax in a supportive environment.

Matt and Me Selfie!

Matt and Me Selfie!

Matt & Me Selfie!!

Matt & Me Selfie!!

Lights of Nashville

Lights of Nashville

2014-03-11 18.07.19

My cousin, Millie!

2014-03-11 18.07.57 2014-03-11 18.08.07

2014-03-12 13.52.21

2014-03-15 09.33.23

David and me seflie!!

2014-03-14 16.37.34

Pieces of the Big House



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