Hedge, Palm Springs

Having an interest in design, particularly mid-century modern design had me excited to visit Palm Springs. It has long been on my list of places to visit and this trip gave me the opportunity to fulfill this wish.

I spent the day driving around hopping from one boutique to another but it wasn’t until I entered Hedge that I fell in love with the town. I came upon the store on accident having followed my gps directions to a thrift store that refused to be found. Upon entering the store I was quickly greeted by the owners, Charles Pearson and Thomas Sharkey and offered an espresso. I knew I wasn’t able to actually purchase anything in the store due to budget and cargo space so I declined, it seemed rude to accept such a treat when only window shopping. I began chatting with Thomas as he was making his own coffee and I quickly knew I was in this store for a reason. We began talking about my journey, his upcoming birthday travel plans and both of our pasts working in private family services. We chatted for a bit before he invited me to sit with him where he shared their path to owning their store and where I found great inspiration. Both Charles and Thomas encouraged me to search for my passion, to create my own future.

I walked out of that store a few inches taller, happy to have met some new friends and in love with a town that supports such amazing independent businesses.

Thomas later wrote to me  in an e-mail “You are making known the unknown and …… you are doing what most people are afraid to do and never will do.” Regardless of where my upcoming path takes me I am thankful for moments like this where I meet truly amazing people who make me a more confident person, inspire me to live an authentic life and who take the time to chat with a wind blown stranger on what has proven to be an epic journey.

I highly encourage you to add Hedge to your “must visit” list when you next find yourselves in Palm Springs, and don’t make the same mistake I made, accept when they offer to make you an espresso.

Hedge: info@hedgepalmsprings.com


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