Me and Reiki

Saturday night, dimmed lights, relaxing music and lit candles…..and me laying on a massage table in the middle of my friend Jenny’s living room.

Jenny recently completed her certification in Reiki and invited me over for a session. Typically, the two of us get in a room and its all puns and giggles but this time there was business to be done. I settled in to the bed and immediately relaxed, closing my eyes to let her do her magic. She started first by placing her hands on my stomach and ensuring me that she would not be touching me in any inappropriate places, phew, that was a concern!

I first encountered Reiki about six years ago and really enjoyed the experience but with a limited budget didn’t make it a part of my regular routine. I did take away the practice of “grounding” myself though and have used it countless times in the years since.  When I was in New York I met with a nutrition counselor and the subject of meditation and grounding came up and when I told her how I had learned to ground myself in a Reiki session years ago she told me that my whole demeanor changed, that my face lit up when describing the practice. It made me realize that I need to spend more energy on things that effect my energy.

Back to the scene, Jenny is moving through my chakras and asked if I wanted to hear what entered her mind while working on me. Penny for your thoughts…or in this case Jenny for your thoughts! She asked me if I had seen the movie or read the book “Wild“. I indicated I was in the middle of the book, she told me that while she was up at my throat chakra she couldn’t stop thinking about “Wild”, she tried to clear her mind and it kept creeping back into her thoughts. Throughout my journey I had several people tell me that my story reminds them a bit of the book and now the movie. I haven’t finished the book to know but I believe the similarities lie in having lost a mother and going on a journey to focus on one’s personal health and growth. I have thought throughout the past year about writing a book and it is still on my list of things to do (really though, don’t we all think we have a book in us?). When I shared this with Jenny she told me that the throat chakra (Vishuddha) represented my voice which immediately initiated chills and since our appointment I have heard from no less than three people that my story reminds them of “Wild”.

On my list of things to do, finish reading “Wild” and write a book. No problem!

Jenny is working towards opening her own practice, until then I hope to be on her table as often as she will have me. Once she is up and running I will let you all know where you can find her.Jenny O


I love this lady!



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2 thoughts on “Me and Reiki

  1. Hi Sarah!

    I’ve been enjoying your recent posts. I loved the new food one! When I read this one, I was thinking about Kaille, Carl’s ex-wife. When you were travelling, did you get by to see her? If you didn’t, and you’re ever near Ashland, VA, you should have a visit with her. Her deal is Reconnective Healing and this post reminded me of that. Of course, now that I think about it, you probably Facebook with her. Oh well, just thought I’d mention it.

    I’m glad to see things are going great for you. You really look good!

    Love you,


    • You are the sweetest! Thanks for reading and commenting! I didn’t get to see Kaille on my trip, perhaps I should do round two! Love you!

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