I have been thinking about this trip for over two years now, I always thought it was an impossible dream but through the support of my amazing family and friends I realize that it is far from impossible.

I have struggled with losing weight my entire adult life, feeling ashamed, defeated and limited in my body.  Weight is an incredibly personal thing to deal with in a very public setting.  Unlike other personal hardships weight is not something you can hide away, it is out there for all to see, as you lose and gain everyone is right there beside you observing, watching. It is part of  the reason I have decided to openly share this adventure of mine. Everyone is already looking, why not give them a show?

There are many reasons that have brought me to this point, to step away from my normal routine but none more important and life changing than the loss of my Mother in December 2012.  I saw both of my parents work incredibly hard to provide for their family and work towards their retirement only to be met with illness. As cliche as this sounds my Mom’s disease has slapped me across the face with the reality that life really is short.  I realized that I have spent the majority of my life feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I want to ensure that I am truly living my life.

​Please join me on my journey as I travel our great country, meeting new people, learning new skills, changing my personal habits and most of all…having fun!

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