Boston Red Sox

I was quite excited to be able to add Boston to the Passport of this trip. I had an epic start, jumping on the Ride the Ducks within an hour of getting into town. My friend Tracy was taking a group and invited me to join. Every local person that I spoke with suggested that I take this tour, which shocked me but after taking the tour I would agree as it gives you a good idea of the layout and some history of the city.

The fun didn’t stop there, Tracy was able to get her hands on two tickets to the Boston Red Sox first Playoff Game at Fenway Park! Score! I had been wanting to see the the ballpark and it turns out my nephew Joe is a huge fan so it gave me an opportunity to text with him throughout the game, him watching at home me sitting in the stands. As you know by now, the Red Sox are in the World Series perhaps my attendance was good luck.

The next morning we rounded out my visit with a visit to a farmer’s market which was set up right on the beach. Fall colors were everywhere and reminded me why this was my favorite season, one of the best sounds in the world is a crunchy leaf under my foot.

The next few days were spent just outside Boston reconnecting with my friend Holly who had recently relocated from Seattle. We spent our days watching football, playing rummy by the fire and cooking. I was able to meet another good friend and his family at his home for brunch, having not seen each other in many years. This trip has really warmed my heart and reconnected me with so many wonderful people.

The friend hangout times were not to end there, my friend Patti flew in from Seattle to play tourist with me. It was great seeing such a good friend from home. We spent our time walking the Freedom Trail, laughing and crying. She then hopped into my car and we drove to New York City together. I was very anxious for the drive into NYC and was happy to have a co-pilot. I dropped Patti at her hotel and headed to my home for the next month or so. Yep, that’s right I will be settling in for a handful of weeks in the East Village!

Boston Farmers Market

Boston Freedome

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Red Lodge, a Caring Community

Red Lodge - Wholesome Foods(Robin Taylor & Associate)

We walked up town and to the weekly summer farmer’s market to meet one of my host Cheri’s friends, Martha Brown.  Martha and her husband Marty moved to Red Lodge about four years ago and decided that they wanted to connect with people who were passionate about food in their community.  They organized a forum about local food and over 200 people showed up; obviously this was something of interest to the rest of the community as well.

They formed a group, The Red Lodge Area Food Partnership Council  ( whose mission is to vigorously promote a sustainable local food system that encourages a better quality of life for our citizens, improves the community’s economy and self-reliance, and preserves the land for generations to come.  This group has done a lot of interesting events to raise awareness and money around local produce and healthy eating.  They have hosted a Ceramic Art dinner at the ceramic studio and had the artists create plates that were then paired with a local chef’s creation.  They gather about once a month to view documentary films and invite a local chef to prepare food to share while they discuss the movie.  They also have seen a great interest in their farm tours, starting with 8 people they have grown to 40 people on some visits.  These farm tours give individuals an inside look at local farms, and gives them an opportunity to meet the farmers and learn how the farms are managed.

One of these farms, Wholesome Foods is located about 45 minutes outside of Red Lodge.  Martha had told me that this farm lost its farm managers un-expectantly, as in one day they were there the next morning they had vanished, leaving behind large crops that needed tending.  The owners of the farm were unable to manage the crops and were going to have to let four acres of veggies die.  When a group in Red Lodge heard they gathered together and volunteered their time and sweat equity, over 80 volunteers weeded and harvested the crops saving over 50% of the veggies that sold for around $10k.  You may be able to spot a volunteer in town, they often can be seen wearing t-shirts with “The Great Veggie Rescue 2013” on the back.

I spoke with Robin Taylor who was one of the volunteers and part of the concerned citizens in the community.  When “The Great Veggie Rescue 2013” was over Robin approached the owners of the farm and asked if she could take it over, working with interns to continue to bring both the community and school kids to the farm to interact and learn.  Robin hopes to help manage the farm and prepare it to become a viable business for the next generation, she is hoping to hand it over within the next five years.

Both Martha and Robin introduced me to Alyssa Charney of Food Corps ( which is a national nonprofit working on a small scale with locale and sustainable solutions.  They are focused on reducing poverty, promoting healthy communities and protecting natural resources.  Alyssa has been in the Red Lodge area for about two years and in that time has worked side by side with children, creating a local garden, working with the school cafeterias to get access to local produce as well as getting kids excited about food through the summer camp.

I was incredibly impressed with the amount of work, and un-paid volunteer work that is happening in this community around food.  They are kind-hearted people who are passionate about health and food and want to ensure that their community is being fed in the best way possible.  It is admirable.  It makes me think that if every community had champions like this that we might all be able to all have access to healthier foods and nutritional education for our youth.

Red Lodge Martha(Martha & Marty Brown)

Red Lodge - Garden Alissa(Alyssa Charney)