Experience Life with Courtney Opdahl


There are hundreds of things that cross my screen daily, whether I am reading the news online, checking out Instagram or perusing Facebook, it can be overwhelming and often times underwhelming. I had at some point “Liked” the Facebook page for Revolutionary Act, a site that is focused on providing people with the tools to live a healthy life, one being their “101 Ways to Be Healthy”.  Within the first few tips I knew this was something I could get behind, “Defy Convention” and “Repossess Your Health” spoke to me and my current journey. One morning as I was poking through Facebook a link caught my eye from Revolutionary Act, it was about the weight loss journey of  Courtney Opdahl, an editor for Experience Life Magazine which is the magazine behind Revolutionary Act.

As I read Courtney’s very personal article “A New Path” I was impressed and inspired by her ability to so honestly share her story. This honesty is something I aspire to, every blog post I write I am trying to be as open as possible, even when it is hard, even when its just a video of me sweaty and panting on a mountain.

As luck would have it Experience Life and Courtney were both located in the Minneapolis area and when I reached out to her she agreed to meet me for dinner.  We met at a restaurant called Ingredients Cafe  and spent the next few hours chatting about life, healthy living, Experience Life Magazine and whatever else it is two fun and funny ladies chat about over a healthy meal and a tall, crisp glass of…ice water. When it was time to leave, we shared a hug, snapped a quick picture and Courtney sent me on the road with several great magazines, a Revolutionary Act poster (which is safely rolled up in my car as I don’t have any walls at the moment) and inspiration to continue on this challenging journey as forthcoming and honestly as possible.

I hope you will take a few moments and read Courtney’s story as well as peruse both the Experience Life Magazine and Revolutionary Act’s Facebook and Websites.

Experience Life Magazine Facebook  /    ExperienceLife.com

Revolutionary Act Facebook  /   Revolutionaryact.com

Courtney & Sarah

Meet my new “Pro”: Anna Dvorak, Nutrition and Wellness Guide

Anna D Profile

I had no intention of going to Minneapolis. It wasn’t because I specifically didn’t want to go there I just had never thought of it as an option.  When I set out on this journey Sara Dean, one of the pro’s on my support team notified her clients of my blog through her newsletter.  One of her clients forwarded my blog to her friend, Anna Dvorak who reached out to me and invited me to her home in Minneapolis.

Who is this lady Anna and was she a serial killer was one of my first thoughts. I know that sounds dramatic but this was my first invite from a stranger and a girl can’t be too careful when traveling! It turns out that Anna is the furthest thing from a serial killer, she actually has made it her life’s purpose to help people live healthy, thus actually prolonging their life.

My first night in town Anna invited me to have dinner at the home she shares with her husband Chris. One of the things that I have been excited to do on this trip is to break bread with people, learn from what they put on their table and that night was a great lesson in how to eat.  We dined on a make your own salad of sorts complete with salad greens, quinoa, beans, cilantro, roasted corn, cucumber, red pepper, shredded carrots, sunflower seeds, salsa verde and a picco de gallo, this combination was amazing and something I would have thrown quite a bit of money down for in a restaurant. It was so exciting to know that I was nourishing my body while enjoying the food that I was eating. I never once felt deprived, never once yearned for bread, cheese or salad dressing which is not a normal occurrence in my diet. I was truly inspired by my dinner with Anna and Chris, the conversation and food were amazing and I left inspired.

Anna is putting her love and knowledge of food and nutrition to good use in her three Nourish e-cookbooks.  Each of her cookbooks focus on healthy yet flavorful foods that are geared towards those with food sensitivity, they all are 100% refined sugar free and mostly gluten and dairy free. Currently she is testing every recipe with a handful of people of all cooking levels to ensure the instructions are written clearly and easy to follow.  Her fourth cookbook is titled Fall which will complete the seasons when it joins Winter, Spring & Summer.

I am so excited to have Anna as part of my team and will look to her for guidance and inspiration when it comes to my diet, something that I desperately need. I hope to learn the skills to properly nourish myself on the road and can’t wait to increase my cooking skills for all of the amazing dinner parties I plan to host when I am settled back in to my daily life.

It will be good to be known for a tasty and healthy meal or two as opposed to just specialty cocktails and jello shots as my friends know me now.